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About Camella

Passion for The Teaching

& Life


Camella believes that everyone can improve their life if they understand a few basic fundamental principles:


1. Know where you are now

2. Understand where you have come from

3. What do you want to accomplish now in your life? 


Many of her students are now dedicated to a life of balance and self-improvement through the teachings and practice of Kriya Yoga.


Camella Nair\
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                         Camella has been practicing yoga since she was 17 years old. She accompanied her mum to class where she lived in Bedford, England. Since that time, yoga has provided her the path on which she has traveled to this point in her life.

Because of her extensive training and life experiences, Camella has been inspired to create and develop programs for yoga teachers and students, so that they may find the same guidance and wisdom that a yoga path has brought to her. She is one of a few female swami’s and hopes to bring the ancient teachings to a level to be understand and utilized by all.


Camella’s education and experiences are quite extensive:

-Certified Yoga Therapist through IAYT

- Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Certified ATRI

~E-RYT through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago

~P-RYT through Yoga Alliance

~Ordained Swami through the Temple of Kriya Yoga

~Certified Yoga Teacher for MS, Art of Yoga project

~Studied with Russil Paul in Music, Mantra and Meditation

~Certified as a Ayurvedic Health Educator and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher - California College of Ayurveda

~Certified in Death Mid-Wifery; Home Funerals & Green Burials

~Leads retreats, workshops and special events teaching philosophy, asana, mantra and meditation; she is usually the chef

~ She is a regular contributor to online magazines such as, “Elephant Journal” & “The Edge”, and has written for blogs and newsletters


"Thank you for being an amazing support in my life.  You say (teach) in 5 minutes what most men take 45 minutes to say (teach)-- and your knowledge about life, yoga, astrology, cooking, parenting--on and on is boundless, limitless and very inspiring!!  You are one of the most talented beings I have ever met and it has made me awe struck at times--putting me in a state of silence.  Now I want to speak it.  Thank you for showing me a powerful woman and how I can do the same in my own way!"
~Khris Fuller,  RYT and student

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