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Death Insight & Conversation Cards

Tea, Cake, Conscious Living, Conscious Dying



these meetings are on hold for now due to busy schedule



In these monthly meetings, we will gather in sacred space and voice our needs in educating and empowering ourselves to live more fully in this very life time.

* Being heard  

* Discussion

* Tea and cakes

* Ritual and Ceremony


$35.00 for the Workshop. More in 2019





(Please be aware that this is not a bereavement group, and if you or someone you are are bringing needs professional counseling, this is not the forum.)


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Death Insight & Conversation Cards

This 49 card deck is designed to help break the taboo surrounding death & dying.


Being aware of options around death and dying, is a way of empowering ourselves through the process as it happens with our loved ones. It assists us in coming to terms with the inevitable separation that death will bring and the longing for things to remain as they were. We will also be able to take a different view to our own mortality.

A Lesson from the Cards

The cover art on the Guidebook depicts 2 women. The one on the right appears to have picked up a piece of paper and does not seem very happy about it. Maybe she is being confronted with looking at something she would rather avoid.

(this maybe some of you as you pick a card)

  The woman in front of her to the left, appears to have a poster board scene depicting spiritual aspirants bathing in the Ganges tucked under her arm, but is looking towards a deity or chosen form of the Divine. Maybe she has come to terms with the life and death cycle. She perhaps has chosen to live well and continue her spiritual journey in the Eternal Now, the most powerful place any of us can be conscious of at any given time.

When to Use the Cards

  1. At the wake or funeral of the departed one, and in the subsequent years of adjustment

  2. As a daily personal inquiry during the 49 days after the death of someone you know

  3.  In a group setting of 2 or more people

  4. On yoga or spiritual retreat

  5. At a Death Café gathering

  6. Place a card under your pillow and see what symbols appear in the dream state

  7. Around the death bed of someone if they chose

  8. At family gatherings

  9. Especially with children   

Death Insight & Conversation Cards
Death Insight & Conversation Cards
Death Insight & Conversation Cards
Death Insight & Conversation Cards
Death Insight & Conversation Cards
Death Insight & Conversation Cards
Death Insight & Conversation Cards

To Purchase Cards:

Cost for the 49 Card Deck  and

Insight & Conversation Guidebook:







~Price includes shipping charges for U.S.

~For international shipping charges, please contact us HERE.


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"Good Death Cafe" Facebook Group


A safe place to talk and learn...


Death can take on many forms. Death of an idea, a prejudice, a physical form etc...
There are millions of people out there who are avoiding the 5th obstacle to enlightenment; clinging to the physical form thinking it is permanent.
The only thing we can be sure of is change.
If we want to mature, we have to be more comfortable with the subject of death and dying. We have coated it like a pill and the truth is it will not go away. We should try to talk about it and all facets of it with love, respect and humor for none of us can dodge the inevitable.


Please ask to join our Facebook group:

you can participate or just observe....

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