Kriya Vinyasa Teacher Certification

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From Camella:

"I intend to practice this sequence each week for the rest of my life. It is a barometer for how my mind/body is functioning, and also allows me to make changes in the way I relate to my inner self (chakras) and those around me in a more harmonious way. It is a vinyasa of the soul and I fully intend to use this lifetime to become more enlightened by practicing this with awareness and diligence. After more than 13 years practicing this sequence, I have decided to share the teaching and the deep esoteric meaning behind it with those seekers who would want to deepen their understanding of kriya yoga."  

      -Camella Nair (Swami Nibhrtananda)

Kriya Vinyasa Guidebook & Teacher Certification


A practice dedicated to the Kriya tradition:



Attunement to Indwelling Reality 

The Kriya Vinyasa Series:

  • Finding Stillness with Seated Asana & Breath

  • Cat/Cow Flow

  • Primary Joint Openings to Right and Left Side of Body

  • Sun Salutation (to initiate an effortless flow of the breath/movement)

  • Moon Salutations (cultivate heat)

  • Guru Salutations (deepening awareness of the pause)

  • Kriya Sun Salutations (body, mind, breath flow)

  • Standing Balances ( develop concentration)

  • Twisting Sequence (to get into organs and let go of residual gripping)

  • Bound Angle and Staff Pose

  • Headstand or Elbow Dog

  • Shoulder Stand or Legs Up the Wall, Fish Pose, Child Pose

  • Pranayama, Brief Meditation, Savasana

  • Learn how to incorporate the 108 Kriya Sun Salutations into your life and share it with others


The Kriya Vinyasa Yoga Guidebook

is now available:














Learn the pose breakdown and the mystical reasons for the

poses and sequences:


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Aum Hatha Sadhana

This CD with the combination of Camella's beautiful chanting OM

and the subtle vibration of the harmonium make this the perfect

background music for your Kriya VInyasa or any Hatha practice.










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