Swami Services

As an ordained Swami in the lineage, Camella is certified to officiate at weddings, baby blessings, and rituals for departed souls. Because of her extensive training and passions,

she is available for other services.

Spiritual Minister


Weddings are a beautiful milestone as we journey on our paths. Camella is available to officiate at weddings or to renew wedding vows. She can offer traditional vows or ones of your choice.

Baby Blessing
There is no bond like that of a parent with their child. This simple ritual performed for a baby is a mystical purification ceremony that awakens the energies that spark the consciousness of bliss, happiness, peace and wisdom. In an older child that can speak for themselves, this is known as baptism where the child decided to choose a path of conscious wisdom, peace, happiness and joy. A basic natal chart of the baby will also be presented to the parents.



Death of the physical body can be one of the hardest changes we have to accept in life. Saying "good-bye" and allowing loved ones to move on is a part of the healing process for those who are left behind. Camella offers beautiful words and ritual to celebrate the lives of those that have passed.


Ayurvedic Massage

& Health Care

Ayurvedic massage consists of systematic strokes that help to shift and balance Prana. Sesame oil is a typical oil of choice of Camella whether you are having a full body therapy or warm oil slowly poured over the third eye. In India, Ayurveda and Yoga coexist as an excellent self care program.

Yoga Workshops & Events

Camella has presented yoga in a variety of fashions. She is available for workshops, special events or retreats. Some of her offerings are:

~Aqua Yoga Events or Training

~Prenatal Events or Training

~Dharma Talks

~Cooking Lessons

~Sound Healing

~Chanting, Ritual & Meditation

~Women's Community Circles

~Drum & Chant Circles

~New & Full Moon Celebrations

~Sutra Series

~Death & Dying Seminars

Chef & Caterer

Camella has many years of practice cooking fabulous vegetarian fare for hundreds of people on yoga retreats, as well as in the yoga community kitchen where she lives. Because her meal preparation is infused with love, her meals are always pleasing to the eye and the palate. Camella is also certified as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner.


For more information on these offerings, contact Camella directly through email for pricing and scheduling:


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