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Introducing the Cards to Family!

With the boys joining me for a house-sitting Thanksgiving weekend in the mountains this year, I had an ideal opportunity to slip in a couple of rounds of working with my new Death Insight & Conversation Cards, between dinner and watching the James Bond movie, “Skyfall”.

They had not seen the completed deck before, although they had known something else was being compiled that consumed my energy and creativity.

The setting was casual and cozy with a flickering log in the wood burner. I joined them in the TV room, and with the Deck and Guidebook in hand, I cleared the coffee table.

Everyone managed to find words to descibe the card they chose, and by using the “7 Rays of Discernment” as a primer, managed to come up with some great insights for their chosen card. There cards with; a skeleton, a woman under a hairdryer cleaning a gun with kids in the background raising the American flag, a boy looking down into the dark depths of the ocean and a man walking under many stars, amongst others. I think my youngest son seemend to be getting into the card interpretation rather well. It must be due to his love of psychology.

My second card was one that asks questions surrounding what I would like to wear at my funeral, and so, we spent some important minutes discussing this in a non-emotional, ”not dead yet” kind of way that I was really thankful for.

"A white dress”, I said, “and a real air of peace and calm. Lots of nice music, chanting, and of course, some meditation."

"Yeah, I like that”, they chimed in, and with that, the 30 minute introduction of my card deck to the kids was over. Maybe it is best that way, a little at a time.

For Christmas, I get to share the deck with the older members of my family across the pond and that, I think will prove very interesting indeed, as they are already somewhat aghast at the idea of talking about death before it smacks you in the face.

Wish me luck!

In the kriya dharma,


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