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Growth Advantages of Yoga Festivals


No one I don't think decides to teach yoga to become rich. It is a calling of sorts that is linked to our karma and innate desire to communicate on some level in this field that we become very passionate about.

In our own circle of students over time however, we can become complacent in our teaching style and especially if we have a busy teaching schedule, can also become a bit predictable. Now it may just be my mind, but I am thinking for the experienced teachers out there, I am not alone?

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When I took a class from Beryl Bender Birch last year at the Bermuda Yoga Conference on one of my teaching breaks, she confirmed that the best teachers are always students.

I was always taught that the best teachers really are always students, and so when we can; it is always a good idea to take advantage of being able to take the classes of our peers. In our hectic lives as householders there can be many very valuable reasons why this is really hard to do. When, however we dedicate time out to attend a yoga conference or be invited to teach at a yoga conference, this can however be a very meaningful time for us to re-evaluate what it is that we are trying to do as teachers, as well as how our own personal practice is developing as we peruse our dream to evolve.

Got a personal practice?

Mnnnn, yes that is quite a luxury dashing from one class to another is it not?

Yet for the teacher that is often expending lots of energy developing her students, the yoga festival, whether we are teaching or not, can allow us to question our concept of what a practice should 'feel' like on many levels, as we become the 'eager to learn student' once again.

Nothing inspires us quite so much I don't think as another person. Everyone can become a teacher, and we can chose to ignore or explore what they have communicated to us.

As I return to my busy 12 classes a week teaching schedule after teaching and taking several classes at the Sedona Yoga Festival, I find that my experience of 'taking classes' from my peers has indeed sparked new dialogue and growth within myself, and therefore in the way I transmit the teachings to my loyal students. A loving pranic gift from the collective consciousness bought home from the festival, which may just challenge and inspire my students even more.

It is good to keep morphing and refining our skills as teachers, and I think as teachers, we really do get so much more from teaching than is apparent in the moment of teaching itself. The memory track after all wants to go on and on, reliving particular events.

The journey as you already know if you are a teacher can be great to travel, if we are conscious and always ready to shed what is no longer meaningful to us, as well as adopt a better communication technique, if it becomes resonant with us.

It is for that reason that sharing and refining our skills as teachers amongst our peers is a great way of evolving spiritually and professionally.

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