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Prenatal Yoga. : Lets teach more than poses

For the experienced yoga teacher. To have a student with some bias is an absolute delight. It means that we can bring forth all of our invested study and understanding of how to help a specific population to help an individual. For the prenatal yoga student.... well they may be completely unaware of what that means, and the study hours, money and practice involved.

After investing way more than a decade in formal study, not only of asana but esoteric yoga, I recognize that many of the women that come to my class know little, if nothing about hatha yoga much less the science behind it.

Becuase of my training and experience, that is not a problem.

Motherhood, is by far the greatest challenge ahead for the prospective mom, and so I have developed over many hundreds of hours, life experience and knocks, a training program that is super for yoga teachers wanting to delve into the mysticism of motherhood, but is also hopefullly meaningful to yoga practitioners who may be pregnant and want to really get ahead of the family karma game.

The borader picture of appropriate asana in pregnancy is to prepare for birth in the same way that postnatal is to 'get things back together again.' But mystically, life will never be the same ever again and we need to train for motherhood in the same way we would train for a marathon or the olympics.

The relationship with husband, mother, in-laws and friends, not to mention co-workers will never be the same, and really dull in comparrison to the relationship between a new mother and her child

Avoid the pitfalls of many mothers who think they have to parent in a way that is not resonant with their soul or upbringing, and become a part of the solution to the problems of mankind.

In celebration and honor of sacred mother, there is a significant discount availible of $108, but only if you register before the end of May 2015.

Learn more than prenatal asana,

Some areas that we focus on:

* Self-Improvement "In order to give it, you gotta give it." according to my guru. Learn techniques and reflective studies to improve your own liife.

* Astrology. Your chart is your dharma. Can you face that, and the prospective entaglement of another souls karma as in motherhood?

* From a business model and for the greater good of the community, are you up for establishing a support network for mothers?

* Ayurveda and the connection to yoga can significantly increase our value of the spiritual practice without becomeing evangelical.

* Growing your business and classes to include yoga in the water may serve others beyond prenatal students that find ease and comfort (as do their babies) in the water.

108 non-contact hours (approx) in your own time, and if you would like, 20 contact hours in San Jose area of California in March of 2016.

For more information, please go to:

or email camella at:


The world is waiting for the matriarchy to step up once again and place value on home, love, compassion and most of all....peace.

In the kriya Dharma


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