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Lovely Lavender Saves the Day

I don't think in the past 30 or so years I have gone a whole week without reaching for my lavender essential oil.

* For anxiety

* As an anticeptic

* To warn off germs on planes and in hospitals

* To induce a sense of calm

* To sleep better

* To settle the kids

and a whole host of other uses.

Essential oils have been popular for a long time, rather like Yoga. Like yoga there are many varieties, not all of which have the same potency or competency however.

I always get a little worried when oils are not 'good enough' to ingest, as that may be an indicator that it is not sourced perhaps from the best possible plants and undergone the correct proceedure to 'bottle it.'

I am so pleased that a dear friend of mine let me know of a company that provides therapeutic grade oils that we can all enjoy.

You won't find Doterra in the shops.

For a small member fee of $35, you and your family can get a super list of essential oils, vitamins, sliming aids and more shopped right to your home. It works a little bit like Costco membership in that you get $ points for what you spend, which more than pays for the initial card. This time, you get products that are useful for the whole family and you know are of a therapeutic grade.

If you are a yoga teacher or just know a lot of people, you can even think about reselling product to enable you to have your oils paid for, or even make a little extra cash.

Either way, it is a super way to get affordable and therapuetic grade oils for you and your family to use.

Lavender is one. But for me has been the 'main stay.'

Please go to my website on Doterra and see if there is anything that you may have a use for.

A few summers ago, I was back in England and went to these stunning organic fields to pick our own lavender and picnic. A wonderful memory.

Dried flowers of course have a multitude of things we can do with them, from making eye pillows, scented drawer bags and even cooking with them. Lavender icecream and cookies Yummy!

Remember not all lavender oils are of a therapueutc grade and so not suitable for ingesting. These however are.

Will keep you posted on some more oils soon. In the meanitime, smell the flowers, Its therapy for the soul.


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