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Balance Family Karma & Become Sane(er)


Teaching prenatal yoga and being a mother can absolutely improve our spiritual progress if we use the experience as a playground for the soul.

My wise paramguru Goswami Kriyananda thought that motherhood and parenting in general is a super way of maturing, if we have a series of techniques to help us along the way.

Yoga is more than anyhting a living oral tradition that is about lifestyle and should not be rigid. At its core as many yogis know are the yamas and niyamas, which really boils down to us meaasuring our reactions to life as they display a barometer of emotionality.

"What is essential in the practice of kriya Yoga is that you live your daily lives as relaxed as possible and you practice the kriya techniques." - Goswami Kriyananda

Some useful tips to become sane(er):

* Take on board anything you deem to be wise from other people including relatives. and ditch the rest.

* Read all the books you like but temper all you read with your discernment

* Never become emotional to prove a point with a child. They secretly love it and how powerful it makes them feel

* Divorce is more likely post kids. Don't give up being a grown up by having children. Its unnerving.

* Why give up yoga because you have a baby. Trust me on this. with all the will in the world and that gorgeous bundle in your arms, you will need yoga more than ever as the challenge becomes more of a head trip than physical exhaustion.

* The mantra of mommy can get tiresome, and do deep psychological damage to our health. "stop that" "don't touch that", " be quiet" etc......

Chanting, sound bath healing and even singing our our favorite song can help to chase away all those controlling but well intentioned thoughts and urges that we all have as parents.

The best guru tells us that it is indeed becauase of being a parent and especially a mother that we can achieve enlightenment in this very lifetime. If you want any proof of the value of having such a spiritual teacher rather than just reading spiritual books, than this statement says it all. The guy in the cave (if you can find one remote enough), cannot possibly know how balanced he is, being away from people.

Just like the child, the guru even has a personality, but just like dealing the child we have to step beyond that and see the potential of the bigger picture. We all become wiser and saner in time. It is the child just as it is the diciple that allows the parent or guru to expand their horizon of awareness, and it is for this reason that both are equally blessed.

I for one wouldnt have missed this experience for the world.

In the Kriya Dharma


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