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Earlier this year, beloved teacher Goswami Kriyananda left his physical body.

No longer are there opportunities to sit at his feet and have a dialogue about the science of yoga and mysticism, face-to-face. For decades, he has taught what he had embodied by his guru Sri Shelly Trimmer at his tiny ashram in Pennsylvania.

Shelly never wrote a book but shared what he had learned with Kriyananda from his guru Yogananda in the oral tradition.

Kriyananda used to joke about leaving the world a better place than we left it by writing a book or having sane children. The later is perhaps a lot less of a certainty than the former, and as Kriyananda never had any children of his own, he became a prolific writer and lecturer. This ensured that his spiritual children or students and disciples could continue to study and learn as the inevitable process of degeneration would at some point cause a separation for students and disciples from the physical guru.

He still continues to teach, of course, for those that met and recieved his darshan as he told us he would from the astral plane, but for new seekers or those who continue to practice Kriya Yoga or the action of Self-Discipline and Self-Awareness, the Temple of Kriya Yoga is creating a massive library of his video's and books that will go on forever.

One of his major teachings was for us to learn to stand on our own two feet and not blame anyone else for our current situation, and sometimes that means just dusting ourself off after we fall and putting one foot in front of the other once again.

In the words of Shellyji "It is not always a joy to be on the path, but it is a joy to KNOW you are on the path."

Their Wisdom lives on and you too can learn valuable tools of Self-enlightenment and what Kriyananda used to say was "Unfolding our primordial wings of wisdom."

Here is a link to what may be valuable at this time of year especially as offers insight on forgiveness, grief and depression.

I hope that you will check out some of his wonderful teachings and enjoy his wisdom, compassion and humor.

"Those whose hearts and minds are one, can never be parted." - Dasa

In the Kriya Dharma


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