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Sunday Kriya Dharma & Meditation Talks

One of my saddest adjustments to my teaching schedule this year has been giving up my Sunday Meditation class. Over the years it has been a wonderful space to explore esoteric study, breathe and share quiet introspective space with others. I am stepping up to a new level of teaching and will be offering a Sunday Kriya Dharma/Meditation class online for those who want to gather and practice on a regular basis. The concept is simple.

I load an audio teaching every Sunday which may include some body adjustment guidance, pranayama, spiritual discourse for the householder and guided meditation.

Nancy will let you know when this is up and ready to roll so you can book your "astral" seat at home before the event. If family matters take priority over the class, no problem. You can listen to the class over the next week.  In any event, I am excited to be able to be more accessible for this important class in-spite of where I may be geographically.


Trines, Triangles & Tribulations

The triangle is a powerful symbol of positive change in our lives. All we have to be able to do is use our mind creatively and we can become the dreamer of any dream.


Winter Solstice

There are portals of significance in nature that we can consciously step through if we are aware of when they occur and what we can do and why. The Winter Solstice is one of these portals that with conscious,volitional, conscious action we can prepare for, and step through with more balance, into the New Year ahead.



Cosmic Play

Yogananda referred to our life experiences as being part of a leila or Divine play. We all write, direct and star in our own cosmic play and absolutely can change that which is no longer serving us and getting in the way of our spiritual unfoldment.

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