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In the Kriya Tradition

Camella Nair
Camella Nair and Goswami Kriyananda














Kriya Yoga is the science of Self-Realization     

It is the alchemical process of self-discipline, Self-study and self-awareness.


It has been practiced for thousands of years & became popular in the west as Paramahansa Yogananda moved to California in the 1920's. While he was establishing an organization, he guided many seekers in a rotational breathing technique to help them find greater balance in their lives. He also initiated direct disciples into the lineage which is not the same as being initiated into a technique and a kriya devotee. The initiation as a disciple requires the transmission of the guru's ajikara and needs to be done whilst student and guru are in their physical body.









Yogananda initiated Sri Shelly Trimmer as a disciple who then went on to initiate Goswami Kriyananda (pictured).



My guru, Dasaji (pictured right) is a disciple of Goswami Kriyananda and initiated me as a disciple in the lineage.




2:1  Tapaha-svadhyayesvara-pranidhanani kriya-yogah


Self-discipline, Self-study & Awareness of the Indwelling Reality is Kriya Yoga  

~The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


Camella Nair & Dasaji

From Camella:

"Kriya Yoga has many fine schools that are helping people on their spiritual path. The particular lineage that I am in is probably the most mystical school of them all. They all have their own way of spreading the teaching and areas of expertise just like hatha yoga teachers.


I think if I were to try and sum up the vibration of the Temple of Kriya Yoga teachings it would be in the words of Goswami Kriyananda; "Learn to stand on your own two feet."


The Temple does not expect or ask for me to study solely with them, or to pay any membership dues, but to take whatever is meaningful that I learn and apply that to my personal growth and at the same time improve the world. 


It is an honor for me to try and embody the wisdom that has been passed on to me and to share that with those who ask."


To study more in this lineage check out KriyaU for courses and books                  


In the Kriya Dharma,


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