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After many years of traveling the path of the yogini, mother, daughter, wife, student, teacher and friend, Camella has been inspired through her training and life experiences to create self-study and yoga training programs for students and teachers to take as they journey on their path.

Aqua Yoga
Aqua Kriya Yoga Teacher Certification

Aqua Kriya Yoga is not only for those who have a sticky mat and the yoga pants, but is it a way to allow for more consciousness in the physical body. Camella has designed a program that gives equal opportunity to all bodies.

Prenatal Yoga]
Prenatal Kriya Yoga Home Study Course

Motherhood is a great way for us to develop our spiritual practice, as we are given many opportunities to test how balanced we really are. Our children can reflect back to us that which we need to correct within our own personality. Prenatal Kriya Yoga teaches that it is not just about the poses...

Cooking the Yoga Sutras
Cooking the Yoga Sutras

For millions of Westerners, yoga is what is accomplished on a yoga mat. There is however, a science of wisdom behind  the physical discipline that can really help improve our lives as householders and women, in particular.

Cooking the Yoga Sutras is an online course where Camella uses the kitchen and food as a metaphor for 12 vital lessons on the spiritual path from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

Kriya Vinyasa Yoga
Kriya Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification

Kriya Vinyasa Yoga is a unique vinyasa practice created by Camella. This full length practice applies the elements of the Kriya tradition; Self-discipline, self-study and attunement to indwelling reality.

Death Insight & Conversation Cards

Death Insight &

Conversation Cards

The Death Insight & Conversation Cards are a 49 card deck that can help to break the taboo surrounding death and dying to open valuable doors of conversation on the subject. Being aware of options and thought patterns around death and dying are a way of empowering us within the process and coming to terms with the inevitable.

Death Insight & Conversation Cards

Audible Yoga


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Practice with Camella from the comfort of your own home, backyard, pool or while away on vacation.

The wonderful website, Audible Yoga, will give you access to classes in: Aqua Yoga, Chair Yoga, Senior Yoga, and Mantra Meditations.

Membership is required but you can access teachers and classes from all over the world.

Many of Camella's programs are now affiliated with KriyaU.











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